Shamsher is Here

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Shamsher is Here

Post  Johnny "The Kid" Nirto on Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:59 pm

(Shamsher 's Music Hits)

Peter Stewart: We have heard many great thing's about this man.It is great we get to see this great wrestler in action.

Kevin Peterson: He is nothing but a new kid. He hasn't earned my respect until he has gold aroung his waist.

Peter Stewart: I wouldn't be shocked if that happened in the next few weeks Kevin.

Kevin Peterson: That is Mr. Peterson to you.

(Shamsher enter's the ring)

Peter Stewart: SHUT UP!! He is about to talk.

Shamsher: When i was offered to come to WFG. I thought he i can be a champion in major fed. What they didn't tell me was would would be wrestling old has-beens in front of overweight pigs in the crowd.

(The Crowd is booing)

Peter Stewart: They guy is a arraogant piece of crap.

(The camera turns to a hot young female.)

Kevin Peterson: Yea, He must be crazy, Hey camera turn back to that female.

Peter Stewart:OO come on this is wrestling not playboy.

Shamsher: Tonight, I will show you why i am the best in the world and soon after i will become your champion if you like it or not.

(Shamsher gets ready for his match)

(Antivirus makes his way to the ring.)
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