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Shamsher daredevil07 RP

Post  daredevil07 on Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:29 am

The announcer stands in the middle of the ring, consulting his card. He raises an eyebrow, shrugs and turns to the mike. He uses his best showman voice, bellowing out; "and introducing, for the first time in Wrestiing Future Gods, the Master of the Disaster, the Sultan of Pain, the Mangler in the Wrangler.... SHAMMMSHERRR!!!!"

Flames erupt from the base of the Titan Tron asthough it were set on fire. Shamsher steps out, pauses for a moment under the Tron to wave at the crowd, then makes his way slowly to the ring.

Annoucer: So Shamsher, one of the newcomers to this Fed. What can you tell us about yourself.

Shamsher pauses, stepping up to the proferred mike.

Shamsher: Well Charles, I'm a man of few words. I'll let my fighting do the talking for me.

Announcer: Fair enough. But what can the fans expect to see from your matches.

Shamsher: A lot of screaming, a lot of blood.

Announcer: Oh well, that's...

He pauses, directing his attention towards the Tron as another figure begins to appear under it.

Announcer: that Daredevil?

Daredevil walk in the mat with microphone in his hand standing face to face with shamser.

can i help you kid?

yes, you can. First, Don't ever call me kid again!! second i want you to continued my training again, As Soon As Posible.

Daredevil continued speaking after a few second pause

I already heard you about bloody match, but you never teach me anything about that. You always teach me about endless spirit. For me it is a trash, useless, and belongs to loser.

Listen to me, what is the Winner? The winner is someone who makes opponent bleeding, knee on you for forgiveness, screaming in pain, and badly injured. but Endless spirit only make me looks like a fool.

now i asking you once again!! Will you trained me liked that??

Shamsher pauses for a moment, considering the words.

Shamsher: You don't want to be called a kid? Too bad. You are a kid.

You don't get it, do you? I've been trying to teach you this for years. It ain't about making your opponent bleed or cry or beg for mercy. It ain't even about winning. In this game, your gonna get beat on, no matter how good you are. You might win hundreds of fights but sooner or later someone will come along who's got your number. Heck it might just be some drunk off the street on 'roids.

And he's gonna beat on you.

...and you know what will pull you through?

Shamsher points at Daredevil's heart

That. No matter how much punishment your body takes. That will make you get up and continue to fight. That will pull you through.

You want to make people bleed? You want to dominate? You need to build your spirit.

Trust me kid, it'll take awhile, years even. But you're gonna get there

Daredevil07 laugh loudly
HAHAHAHAHA...are you kidding me?

Maybe i need to do something to stop hearing your bullshit theory.

DAREDEVIL07 PULL OUT A KNUCKLE, PUNCH IT ON SHAMSHER NOSE MAKE IT BLEEDING!!! Shamsher keep in shock and Daredevil take this chance to grasp shamsher hair then bite shamsher face.
Seeing this unfair fighting crowd start chanting Wooooo but refree do nothing!!!
Daredevil keep to kick, punch, smash shamsher brutally

Shamsher rolls over on the ground to avoid as much damage as posible. A number of people from Ring security rush into the ring, stepping in between the two wrestlers. One of them pulls Shamsher out of the ring.

Outside the ring, Shamsher rises groggily almost ready to charge back in to fight but is held back by the Security personell. Pandemonium ensues as more security rush in. Shamsher and Daredevil, both being held back, yell abuse at each other as Shamsher finally heads out of the arena

Announcer: Well, I have a feeling that this is not the last we've heard on this matter...

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