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The Rematch/Attack Empty The Rematch/Attack

Post  El Cholo on Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:57 am

The camera zooms in backstage where El Cholo is walking to his locker room then opens the door and see's Shawn standing there holding a sledgehammer in one hand and El Cholo starts to go to the door but it is stuck and Shawn going toward him with the sledgehammer

El Cholo: Wut the hell are u doing in my locker Shawn if you have a problem we can deal it in the ring not here

Shawn: What does it look like i'm doing in here i wanted to get your attention and did was the only way i could have think of getting it and i want a rematch with you here tonight and last time i recalled you dragged me to the ring and forced me to fight you and you know the old saying Pay Backs A Bitch

Shawn starts going toward El Cholo but El Cholo finds a chair and grabs it and Shawn starts walking back to the corner while El Cholo starts talking

El Cholo: Yes i did do that but you didn't want to come out to the ring to face me so it was your fault for not coming out to the ring forcing me to grab you and drag you there andyou won the match after all that i guess luck works in different ways cause there is no way im going to lose to you again

Shawn: Luck you think i need luck to beat someone like you your not even in my league and your never going to be in it the match i had against you was the easiest match i had ever had and when i face you here tonight in the ring its going to be another easy victory for me

El Cholo stares at Shawn andlooks at the sledgehammer and says

El Cholo: Will i can't wait till tonight so tell you what im going to do im going to use this steel chair to knock you out and ima leave my locker and your going to stay in the floor knock out while bleeding

Before Shawn can say anything El Cholo throws the steel chair to Shawns to skull and Shawn drops the sledgehammer and El Cholo runs toward Shawn and starts hiting him with his fist and Shawn retaliates by throwing him against the locker and gets the sledgehammer and trys to hit him with it but El Cholo dodges it and starts pounding him with his fist hitting him in the stomach when all of a sudden the door opens and The Mask Men comes with a steel chair and hits El Cholo in his back and El Cholo falls to the groud while Shawn gets up and starts kicking him in his stomach and The Mask Men gets the sledgehammer and nails El Cholo in the back again

Shawn: Will that was a nice plan you had but i was one step ahead of you as you may have figured it out this is my new friend and ally The Mask Men and we will be waiting for you later on tonight

Shawn and The Mask Men walk out of the locker room while El Cholo is on the floor groining with pain while the medics take a look at him and the camera fades out to the darkness

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