Spickyo is back for action

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Spickyo is back for action Empty Spickyo is back for action

Post  spickyo on Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:27 pm

Spickyo music hits and the fans boooo
Spickyo enters the ring

Spickyo: Ok in the last few days many of you havnt seen me much...
Spickyo:While you boo all of you know that i was close to beating Anthony,you got to admit

After a few minutes a comantator enters the ring

Peter Stuart:Everybody knows that you are talented you dont have to be mean. Well last wedsnesday was a thrilling match between you and ant...

Spickyo:*Interupts* Sorry there am not out here to Cry and make excuses that i lost... I came out here to say to Ant that i respect him due to last week's match.


spickyo climbs out of the ring and walks back to the locker room

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Spickyo is back for action Empty :)

Post  anthonywida123 on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:45 am

Spickyo Walks Through The Locker Room, To Be Stopped By Anthony

Anthony: You put your best in our match, and i didn't not step up to my game.

Spickyo: Thank You...

Anthony: Don't thank me because tonight is going to be a living hell with the ladder


Spickyo: (Gulp...) La... Ladder?

Anthony: For me to be done with you, you must be put in the 3 stages of hell. The first one will be tonight, the extreme leg drop from the ladder > : )

Peter Stuart: WOW this will be a great match tonight as anthony and badass eddie team up to face spickyo and Daniel "The Eagle" Best

Spickyo: Don't you get it? you won last wednesday were over now we can go for some------

Anthony: Spickyo Spickyo Spickyo... The second stages is the 123! Woot Woot and finally the third stage (Spickyo Gulps) You will be out of blackout with a bad record to your name

Spickyo slaps anthony...

Anthony grabs crowbar and shatters it across the skull of spickyo...

Anthony: (falls to the floor to face spickyo) Spickyo, you brought the pain to urself...

Anthony slaps spickyo and walks off...

Team blackout come to the aid of spickyo...

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