James Solano Interviews Anthony

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James Solano Interviews Anthony

Post  anthonywida123 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:38 pm

Peter Stuart: Ladies and Gentlemen earlier tonight 1 of our new VGMs were interviewed, now we are going to hear an interview from eddie's partner today.

James Solano: Yes thank you peter, next to me is the man who put spickyo down last wednesday, but still demanded a match, what are you thoughts on that anthony?

Anthony Pauses

James Solano: Hell-----

Anthony: The reason im not done with spickyo is because even though he lost, he still hasn't felt enough pain.

James Solano: Then when will he?

Anthony: Spickyo has to suffer 3 stages of hell. First one the extreme leg drop connects my new finisher. Number 2 he must fall to the 123 and thirdly he must be out of team black out.

James Solano: How will you get spickyo out of blackout?

Anthony: I have a couple of choices; I get BJ to make me a match were if he looses hes out, I keep him on a loosing streak which doesn't make BJ happy,

James Solano: Now tonight is your tag team match, do you think something could form?

Anthony: As my partner said it might...it might not. Spickyo on wednesday you have help but that doesn't mean i wont tear you apart! Woot Woot

James Solano: We----


James Solano: As I was saying, thank you for your time, back to you peter.

Peter Stuart: Well thank you for that remarkable interview.

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