Badass Eddie short Interview wednesday

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Badass Eddie short Interview wednesday

Post  Badass Eddie on Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:48 pm

James Solano appears on the screen:

James Solano: Hello fans, Hello Kevin and Peter. I’m here right at the office of our new VGM Badass Eddie.

The camera makes a turn and badass eddie appears lying on a black leather sofa.

Solano: Eddie last wednesday's show it was your first as VGM and you made first decisions. What will happen today? May we see a new tag team?

Eddie gets himself into a sitting position.

“Maybe … maybe not … and maybe it’s not the time to talk about it. Watch the show and you’ll see what happens buddy. ”

Solano: Oh you really want to keep the fans waiting? Ok …. Then what about team blackout? Do you think it’s been a good idea to involve them?

Now standing, the Badass is watching down on James Solano.

“Ok ok … Now YOU tell ME if this guy in front of you looks afraid of them. Is there any fear in these eyes?”

Solano takes a step back.

Solano: Erm … What? … n-no that’s not what I wanted to say … I mean I … you know …

Eddie sits down again with a little smile.

“He he … calm down buddy. In fact Anthony won his match on last weeks show but there are 3 people on one side trying to get their hands on my friend Anthony. So I decided to help him out a little. And it seems so perfect. Anthony gets spickyo and i … I’ll get YOU Daniel Best- Again and Again. And I won’t get bored of treating you, of showing you who’s the meanest guy around, showing – AGAIN - that I’M BADDER THEN YOU.”

Solano: Wow … I think I better give back to Kevin Peterson and Peter Stuart at the ringside.

Peter Stuart: Thank you James. Ladies and Gentleman that was James Solano talking to VGM Badass Eddie.
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