before Daniel "The Eagle" best and Badass eddie match

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before Daniel "The Eagle" best and Badass eddie match

Post  BJ Stylez on Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:46 pm

(Daniel "the eage" Best music hits)
Kevin Peterson: And Daniel Best makes his way down to ring

Daniel stops and seems to be having words with a fan near the ramp way, a smile widens on his face.

Peter Stewart: Daniel will be action tonight as soon as he chooses to come down to the ring, what is he doing?

Daniel picks a fan up and over the barcade and drags the whimpering body into the ring. The man gets to his knees stricken with fear as Daniel gets a mick.

Daniel: Daniel Best spelt b. e. s. t. is in England and in this ring I have one smeghead which yets be honest and I am a man of honesty is a tramp, a beggar and above all a disrespectful person. What did you say to me?

Tramp type guy: Erm, you suck.

Fans cheer

Daniel looks around and see that the fans are cheering

Daniel Best: You are going to pay

Daniel best hits the fan with his finisher

Daniel Best: Ok yets get clear of this tramp body at my papal feet and give me my opponent but before you come out and be blessed by my presence ask yourself this. ARE YOU READY TO JUST BRING IT BECAUSE THE EAGLE SAYS ITS TIME TO FLY?

Lights are Flashing and sounds of thunder are heard in the hall.
Badass eddie appears at the entrance slowly making his way down to the ring.

Peter Stewart: look at this - it seems we have the opponent he was askiing for.What the he...

The announcers microphone got taken away.
"Whooooo YEAH, somebody's playing the mean guy..."

Eddie spits on the floor and starts laughing,
"Uh man, in fact i like people like you. "
[color=red]He keeps on laughing

"Well, it doesn't seem that tough to me hurting helpless fans. Maybe you need to get shown what it's about really being a hard guy."
The injured Fan is taken out of the ring by Eddie.

Peter Stewart: What is this? BADASS Eddie is giving a helping hand? I cannot belive what I'm seeing...

"I can see the fans already rated you and your talent. let's see if you're not even worse buddy.... ... ...
so i'll make "the eagle" fly."

Eddie harshly pushes away the fan and starts climbing into the ring.

Kevin Peterson: Wow ... I'm out of words. What can we expext from these two guys?
Daniel best quickly gets a chair from ring side and suddenly attacks Badass Eddie.

Kevin Peterson: Ouch What a Shot. It looked like Eddie was waiting for it.

Without hurry Eddie gets up again and grabs the microphone he lost.
"Not bad, ... not bad. but maybe you should keep your energy and wait for the ringbell.
you'll need it buddy ... you will need it"

Badass finally throws his microphone out of the ring.

Kevin Peterson: Oh man... hurt animals are the most aggressive at all. Look at their faces... at this point competition turns into hate.

With a look like he is ready to kill somebody Best is turning around to point at the referee. Without patience left he instructs him to hurry up.
The same time Badass eddie takes a few steps, jumps and hits "The Eagle" with a dropkick to the back of his head.

Kevin Peterson: Oh ... my ... God! did you see that? a devious dropkick sent Daniel "the eagle" best out of the ring. And he doesn't look unaffected to me.

The Referee rings the bell.
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