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Post  The Cold Blast on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:13 pm

[b]Rev Theroys Ready to Roll hits the PA

Camera looks at the ring where we see lots of ice and The cold blast standing there

The cold blast: Welcome ppl to cold's corner.

Crowd just sits there BOOING Very loud

The cold blast: My match on saturday was not fair. I should of been put up against a better opponent.

Crowd BOO'S even louder

The cold blast: For tonight i want a fair match with someone who is equally to me. So GT Punk im calling u out here for a match.

Crowd starts screaming to see if GT Punk comes out

The cold blast: Come on Punk are u scared or something be a man and come out here. While im waiting i want a ref down here and i want all this ice gone.

Gt Punk's music hits the PA and the crowd goes wild
The Cold Blast
The Cold Blast

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