Anthony Is Interviewed

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Anthony Is Interviewed

Post  anthonywida123 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:31 pm

Anthony Walks To His Locker Room When He Is Stoped By An Interview

James Solano: Hello Anthony just a quick question, If your match with batista is a last man standing how are your feeling about it?

Anthony: Well I feel like i have the advantage because in 1 on 1 compitition i am undefeated or i have won most matches against the animal in non-fed compitition

James Solano: The Animal has a higher wrestler score does that turn your thoughts in any way?

Anthony: Not really because LMS is my speciality and in a One Fall match it only take the 12... 123!

James Solano: What I---- (Anthony interupts the interviewer)

Anthony Leaves The Interview

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