Hammer Time

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Hammer Time

Post  Dan Hammer on Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:00 pm

AC/DC's Thunderstruck blasts out of the arena speakers and the 'Tasmanian Terror' Dan Hammer makes his way to the ring. He stops to soak up the crowds boo's. He grabs a mike and gets into the ring.

Dan Hammer -
"Thank you, thank you and once again thank you for such a warm response"

Dan Hammer salutes the crowd as they boo loder and louder.

Dan Hammer -
"I know what you are all thinking, what am i doing out here holding this mike. Well i'll tell you, i am here to serve notice to all the pretty boy wrestlers in the back that i have officially arrived and i am not looking to make friends or be loved by the morons in the crowd. I am here to win gold and beat people up. It's what i do and i am damn good at it.

Tha crowd breaks into a 'YOU SUCK' chant.

Dan Hammer - "SO get ready wrestlers of WFG, for i am bringing the thunder baby...THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER........so whoever wants to face me first, be sure you know what time it is...........IT'S TIME, IT'S TIME..........IT's HAMMMMMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR TIME.

Dan Hammer drops the mike and heads back up the ramp. The crowds boo's ringing in his ears.

Dan Hammer

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