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Post  Stone Cold Sparla on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:20 pm

Staff Member: "Here you are mr Sparla. The locker room. If you please be so kind to change and meet me in the gym".

Stone Cold is looking at the little man and without saying a word he enters the locker room

Stone Cold looks around in the lockerroom and there are some wrestlers changing into their gear.

"Maggots" he mumbles

Without saying a word he walks to his locker and starts changing.

He notices that some wrestlers are looking at him.

He slams the door of his locker shut and yells "What??"

One of the wrestlers replies " name is....." and gets interupted by Stone Cold.

"Don't care what your name is better get out of my way and if i ever meet you in the ring i will slap you silly"

Stone Cold walks to the door and turns around.."and that's the bottom line..cause Stone Cold said so.."

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