Need to involve in saturday

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Need to involve in saturday

Post  daredevil07 on Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:19 am

In the middle of WG title belt and electricity shut down...Suddenly a heavy voice heared. " Sorry to disturb this boring rematch"
Electricity turn on again with the light focus in the middle of mat. People start to yeell known legendary wrestler name" Hoogan..Hoogan..Hoogan"
Respectly of Hoogan Big name and Fans both wrestler stand firmly say nothing.
Legendary wrestler:
"My son Daredevil07 already bring a fresh water to the fans of WWF again after bored WWF match for decade. Then a lot of Wrestler envy by force Federation to punish him for his Evil Finisher tag move!!!"
Legendary wrestler make a bug eyes on both wrestler in the ring and continue talking
"I invite you all wrestler and fans around the world", with his finger point directless Legendary wrestler says" come and see my son debute on this saturday,this is unusual match!! you will not see submission, direct, or ultimate match!! YOU GONNA SEE, AN EVIL MATCH!!!"

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