the ladder to the powers championship

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the ladder to the powers championship Empty the ladder to the powers championship

Post  mickie on Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:21 am

mickie james comes out in the ring with a big black bag.

kevin:[here is the diva of the fed but wats in this black bag maybe we will find out.]

[crowd: mickie mickie mickie]
color=cyan]mickie: as you know there a tourny for the power championship and im in it
i call the toruny the ladderto the gold.
mickie: and as u know i have to face suichi my first match
and one of us well be out but it wont be me cause im going to be ontop of the ladder
and ill be standing at final rampage the new powers champ.[/color]

[kevin: mickie saying she will be champ well it could be mickie is a tough fighter.]
[mickie opens the black bag]

mickie: in this black back is wat i will have at final rampage.

mickie pulls it out

mickie: the powers championship

[kevin omg mickie as the belt with her omg!!!!!]

mickie: i would like suichi to come to the ring

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