The Spike Begins To Show His Dominance In WFG...

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The Spike Begins To Show His Dominance In WFG... Empty The Spike Begins To Show His Dominance In WFG...

Post  The Spike on Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:53 pm

Italian Death is celebrating his win over his opponent when all the sudden, the lights go out in the arena!!!

Peter: What’s going on Kevin?

Kevin: I don’t know Pete, but I can tell you this, it ain’t good!!!

Then, under half a minute later, the lights come back on and The Spike is standing in the middle of the ring with a determined look on his face!!

Peter: Oh My Gosh! The Spike is in the ring and he has brought a Steel Chair with him!!

Kevin: See Petey??? What did I tell you? Too bad I’m not in their shoes I can tell you that much! Hahaha!!!

The Spike hits Italian Death with the Steel Chair to the back.And a few seconds later Italian Death try's to get up.The Spike takes him out with a hard chair shot.

The Spike slams the the chair over Italian Death's Skull!! Spickyo is busted open and knocked out cold !!! And the Fans are loving this.

The Spike then gets a mic and starts to speak…

The Spike: Ladies and Gentleman, what you have just witnessed was an act of justice on my part. This worthless piece of monkey crap has no business in WFG. So....The Spike says, if you dont wanna be here: GET THE HELL OUT!

Italian Death is trying to say something, but fails as Spike punches Italian Death's blooded face...

The Spike: What? You stupid Punk!!!

Crowd: What?

The Spike then goes outside gets another chair and slams it down and then drags Italian Death by the head and slams his face on the chair. Then get his first chair and smack it against Italian Death's skull between the 2 chairs.

Peter: Oh my gosh! A cachairto!!! Alright, Spike, this is enough!

Kevin: Shut up, this is Perfect!! Hahaha!!

The Spike does this for another minute. The the spike goes outside for a table sets it up and pours gas on it and lights it. After that The Spike lifts Spickyo in the gut wrench power bomb position high in the air
and slams Spickyo on the breaking the tables and burning very bady Italian Death because of the impact.. The Spike Begins To Show His Dominance In WFG... 8am1t2t executing a devastating Spike Bomb!!

The Spike then gets on the mic


Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' hits and Spike then leaves the ring.

Peter: This was total chaos. Someone get some help for Italian Death he might be seriously injuryed.

Kevin: He might be?? He should after an attack like that. I don't think he will be in the tournament for the titles!!


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