my new rp for saturday

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my new rp for saturday Empty my new rp for saturday

Post  2cool on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:38 am

The scene starts with 2Cool sitting in a hotel counting his cash from his last match. He looks out the corner of his eyes and says

2Cool: If i keep winning I'll have enough money for a new place soon. I must continue getting stronger if I want to reach my ultimate goal.

2Cool puts his savings in his stash and walks out his room heading to the WFG Arena. Walking into the arena a sense of urgency and pride comes over him. Just a few weeks ago he was homeless. Now, he is a wrestling star shining bright. He walks into the locker room and nods to the rest of the roster. Then someone comes to the door and says

Producer: 2Cool your match is next

2Cool nods and begins to pray. After his short prayer he can here his music. He quickly walks to the stage and hears the crowd screaming and saying 2COOL 2COOL 2COOL [

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