The Mask Man speaks

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The Mask Man speaks Empty The Mask Man speaks

Post  Johnny "The Kid" Nirto on Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:09 pm

Back Stage we see James Solano, The Masked Man and Shawn Malone)

James Solano: Shawn as you just heard from the GM the tag match will take place but someone else will take El Cholo's Spot.

Shawn:HaHaHa.. After what i did to el cholo, Knowing this locker room like i do. No buddy here has the guts to face me. El Cholo was a manic and i shut him down. Johnny Nitro is left but not for long. He will join his friend on the injuryed list. And the one that will put him there will be my friend right here.

(The Masked Man takes the mic.)

The Masked Man: I know that i can destroy johnny Nitro and i don't need this mask to do so tonight i will come to the ring. But i will enter unmasked!!!!!!!

Peter Stewart: Did we hear the right he will come unmasked.

Kevin Peterson: That is what i heard. what another blockbuster. The masked man that has been attacking people from behind. IS GOING TO UNMASK!!!!

(Shawn and The Masked Man walk off and the interviewer is shocked)
Johnny "The Kid" Nirto

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The Mask Man speaks Empty Re: The Mask Man speaks

Post  spickyo on Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:36 am

spickyo comes in

Spickyo: Masked man my big man. You know that I brought you here... You dont want be to reveal your secret do you now? You have to win or else!!

Masked man: Or else what?/

Spickyo quickly punches the MM and the MM falls to the ground and spickyo gets a chair and hits him repeatly!!

Shawn comes and stops he fight

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