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Post  El Cholo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:15 pm

Kevin: Wow Peter we had some amazing matches so far but it is not over yet we still have matches left and our main event a Tagteam match this is going to be great

Peter: That's true Kevin we had some good and tough matches so far and we are looking forward for our main event but lets see whats going to happen next in the ring cause i had just been told that Bfm is coming to the ring to annouce something important lets see what he has to say

Bfm comes walking in the ring with a microphone in one hand and goes to give the fans hugs and starts to give them high 5s and slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and does a back flip showing off his skills and begins to talk to the fans

Bfm: Hello all of you that are here and the millions watching at home i am Bfm the greatest technical wrestler in this buissnessand i'm going to prove it to anyone that wants to fight me here later on in this ring

The fans start shouting out Bfm while all of a sudden Antivirus music is playing and he makes his way to the ring holding a microphone on his hand and slides inside the ring and climbs he turnbuckle and then climbs down and walks toward looking at Bfm straight at the eye and negins to talk to him

Kevin: Wow this should be a blockbuster match Bfm vs Antivirus two of the best technical wrestlers that we have in this fed

Peter: I am with you with thatKevin but i think that Antivirus may have the edge in this match

Bfm: So i guess i am going to face you Antivirus later on in the ring this should be a good match

Antivirus: You bet it is i can't wait till later on we will prove to the fans that we are the best in what we do

Antivirus and Bfm shake hands and the fans start shouting out both of thier names and start too clap too Antivirus and Bfm make thier way out of the ring and head to thier locker rooms and we go on a short commercial break

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