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Post  El Cholo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:36 am

Kevin: Will it looks like that our next match is about to begin after this annoucement that our Gm Naruedyoh will talk about the vicious attack that El Cholo took from Shawn Malone a couple of matches ago

Peter: Your righ about thatKevin El Cholo got attacked by Shawn in the Training room with a crowbar and other stuff we just got a report that El Cholo is up and doing good but he may have too rest about 1-3 weeks but too think what will El Cholo do when he gets his hands on Shawn

Kwvin: Thats true what will happen when El Cholo comes back you know that he will get mad about this first being attacked and being knocked out and getting rushed to the hospital and bieng in the hospital for 1-3 weeks i'll be mad too

Peter: Yea and you know the attitude of El Cholo he will be wanting revenge and wait i just been told that our Gm Naruedyoh i heading his way to the ring right now lets see what will happen

The camera zooms in to the front of the ring will Naruedyoh music plays and he makes his way to the ring the second time today and doesn't look happy about what just happened and slides into the ring and ask a microphone from one of the annoucers and begins to talk

Naruedyoh: I am not happy with Shawn after what he did to El Cholo in the training room i give Shawn a tagteam match against El Cholo and this is how he repays me by taking out one of my best superstarts in the locker room and our Vgm as you many may know so now im going to have to cancel tonights tagteam match and put Johnny against The Mask Men in a One Fall Match and if Johnny wins his match comes off and if he doesn't win then it stays on and for Shawn you will be competing but you wont know against who

The Fans start cheering for Naruedyoh for what he has done and others start clapping

Kevin: Wow what a match that our Gm is making Shawn Vs ???

Peter: Yea and if Johnny wins he gets to remove The Mask Men's mask this should be exciteing

Naruedyoh leaves the ring and heads to his office and the next match is about to begin

El Cholo

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Saturday's Rp Empty Masked Man

Post  spickyo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:14 pm

Spickyo runs in to the ring interuppting the next match.

Spickyo:sorry to interupted but when shawn faces the masked man and he loses.But just says he wins after the match he will not take of the MM mask


SPICKYO: Or shawn you wont have a happing time seeing me

spickyo leaves the ring and heads back to the locker room

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