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Post  El Cholo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:20 am

The camera zooms in where we see El Cholo in the Training Room getting ready to fight Shwan and The Mask Men where all of a sudden Shawn walks in holding a crowbar in one hand and starts walking toward El Cholo who doesn't see Shawn but then see's him walking towards him and gets up from his training and trys to look for a weapon of some sort but cant seem to find nothing soo he begins to talk to Shawn

Kevin: Wow this is what El Cholo is finally going to get

Peter: Don't do it Shawn just wait for the match before something goes wrong

El Cholo: What the hell are you doing here Shawn can't you wait till the match starts and we can settle this in the ring now you better get out before i make you get out

Shawn: Oh trust me El Cholo i wi be leaving here but before i leave im going to break every bone you have in your body and i can guarentee that your friend is next when i am done with you

Before El Cholo can say something Shawn hits him with the crowbar in his head making El Cholo fall on the concrete floor where he has a cut on his head but Shawn ain't finish yet he grabs El Cholo from the floor and throwshim against the wall and El Cholol falls now bleeding from is head

Kevin: Thats good Shawn now make him bleed like hell that what he deserves for attacking you last week

Peter: Howcan you enjoy this Kevin he may be injured he may not be able to compete here tonight

Shawn: What about this huh first you attack me and now im attacking you but if you think im done you are dead wrong i am just starting what you have something to say why dont you say

El Cholo is trying to say something but can't since he is too injured Shawn mad now since he didn't say nothing grabs El Cholo and does a suplex making him hit his back against the floor while El Cholo is screaming from pain and then Shawn grabs his head and throws him against the door and then grabs him again and throws him against the wall again where now El Cholo is busted wide open

Kevin: Wow now this is just getting brutal you may be right Peter someone has too stop this before he gets to injured

Peter: I just been told that security and the paramedics aregoing to stop this brutal fight

Shawn see's that security is coming and closes the door and locks it and just incase he puts a steel chair in the lock keeping it from opening it from the other side and continous his attack to El Cholo who is trying to stand up but can't and all of a sudden Shawn spears El Cholo making him fall with pain and Shawn gets the crowbar and starts beating him till the door is busted open and security grabs Shawn making him stop from attacking El Cholo and the paramedics are here taking El Cholo to the closes hospital he may be knocked out cold

Kevin: Oh my god i didn't know Shawn had it in him to do that to El Cholo i wonder if he will be okay what will happe to Johnny in his match

Peter: I don't know kevin but i hope that El Cholo can make a recovery after that attack and i wonder what will happen to Johnny now in his match

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