Wednesday's card

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Wednesday's card

Post  El Cholo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:18 am

Wrestling Future Gods

2009-07-22 22:00

Welcome To Tonights Show
R2J vs The Cold Blast
Johhny Nitro and Suichi vs Spickyo and The Spike
Vgm vs Vgm
Badass Eddie vs El Cholo
The Interview With El Cholo and Johhny
Macaco vs y0rma
Devils Rampage
Carmezim vs NNY
2cool vs Flawed
Far Cry vs LUGIA
Bas Rutlen vs Flipperachi
Naruedyoh vs Kimbo Rice
End Of Show


Tickets Request: 1.270
Tickets Sold: 1.270
Tickets Income: 12.700 fantaeuros

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