Suichi and Daredevil07 attack

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Suichi and Daredevil07 attack

Post  Suichi on Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:53 pm

Outside the locker room Suichi was talking to daredevil07's girlfriend, and she was giggling and smiling. Then he got pissed off and pushes Suichi aside.And after a few offending words, Daredevil07 strikes with the first punch on the face, then hits Suichi with a low blow. He then take a steel chair and hits Suichi right on the face. Daredevil07's girlfriend is shocked and dumps him...Then he realized who he want to blame for all this, Suichi.
After Suichi was healed, he goes in the locker room and finds Daredevil07.

Suichi: What the hells wrong with you?! Why the hell did you beat me up when I was just talking to your girl?!

Daredevil07: Dude she is my girl! I’m not letting some garbage named Suichi talk to her and make her laugh!

Suichi takes his head and slams him on the locker, daredevil07 starts to bleed. Then slams him on the locker a couple more times. Then daredevil07 fights back with a low blow, and Suichi falls on the floor. Then he takes Suichi’s head and slams it on the locker and DDTs him on the floor. Suichi then trips Daredevil07. Both wrestlers recover and runs to each other, punching each other on the face. Then the security pulls them apart. But they both break through and punches each other again. This time more security comes and stops them both.

Kevin: Wow it lookslike that Daredevil doesn't like that suichi made his girl like will i give him credit it its his girl not suichis

Peter:Will kevin what is so wrong making someone laugh its not like they were doing anything wrong will it looks lik they might settle this next week

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