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Vgm Vs Vgm

Post  El Cholo on Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:36 pm

El Cholo is seen backstage walking to his office when he see's that his office door is open and walks in and see's Eddie sitting in hs chair and putting his feet in his desk El Cholo grabs the chair and pulls it back making him fall in his head and Eddie gets up and looks at El Cholo and begins to talk

Kevin: Wow i cant believe that El Cholo did that to our VGM you know that he can get fired for doing that to him

Peter: Will unless you have forgotten that El Cholo is our VGM to soo he can just rehire himself

Eddie: What the hell do you think you are coming here into my office and pulling my chair so i can fall do you have any idea who i am and what i can do to you

El Cholo: What the hell are you talking about this is my office and unless yo get the hell out you wil find out why people are afraid about what i can do and you will find out unless you get out right now

Kevin: Omg we might have our two Vgms fight in the office this will be great

Peter: Kevin shut up you actually want them to destroy the office and each other

Eddie: Well we can settle this in the ring the winner will keep the office the loser will not keep the office what about that

El Cholo: Okay then im down with that and you better get ready because the match is next

El Cholo leaves the office to get ready for his match while Eddie gets his stuff from his locker room and takes it to the office

Kevin: Wow this well be a great match

Peter: It will be good and its next

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