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Post  spickyo on Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:29 pm

Spickyo music hits
lights are everywhere creating a perfect light show
He enters the ring with a mic

spickyo: Over the weeks at FWG i notice something...I notice the true face of FTW

Kevin: i wonder who
stewart: Proberly himself that low life heel

spickyo: Kevin Peterson. Kevin makes this brand work

kevin enters the ring

Kevin: I allways liked you spick unfortunatly my partner stewart has been talking behind your back you low life

Spickyo glares at stewart

Spickyo leaves the ring and grabs stewart

spickyo: Is that true?

stewart errrr sorry please

spickyo drags stewart into the ring and gets a steel chair and whacks him with a Devastating chair shot

stewart is bleeding


Spickyo irish whips stewart and he bounces off and then spickyo puts him on his should and slams him on the mat preforming the mights BED4U

Spickyo: Dont mess with me!

spickyo lifts kevin hands up

spickyo: this is the FACE OF FWG

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