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Post  El Cholo on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:29 pm

Kevin Peterson: Hello all of you fans here watching and all of you guys watching at home i am Kevin Peterson

Peter Stewart: And my name Is Peter Stewart and we are here to present Hell in Earth and we have a good match card here tonight i should know i have seen it may be the best sho we ever had

The Fans starts too yell knowing this will be a great show and are happy to see what will happen

Kevin Peterson: If i may now introduce the two new VGM of the great Fed Johhny

Peter Stewart: And El Cholo

El Cholo and Johnny come out from backstage and while holding a microphone goes to give the fans some hugs and then climb the steps and enter the ring the fans starts yelling from all the excitement that is happening and Johnny begins to speak

Johhny: I am happy to be here tonight and i am also happy to be one of the new VGM here in this Fed and i can guarentee that tonights going to be a great show and i hope you guys like it

Johnny gives El Cholo the microphone and begins to talk

El Cholo: Like Johnny said i am also happy to be the new VGM and tpp have a chance too make you fans have the best show ever ican guarentee you guys that soo now lets begin the first match

El Cholo and Johnny leave the ring and go backstage and the fans are yelling thier name outloud and thousands of fireworks are lit to beging the show

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