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Interview with Johnny and El Cholo Empty Interview with Johnny and El Cholo

Post  Johnny "The Kid" Nirto on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:37 pm

(El Cholo's music starts)

Kevin Peterson : What does he want. He should have been fired for what he did. He is NOT a wrestler he is a idoit with a hammer.

Peter Stewart: O SHUT UP!! Lets hear what he has to say.

El Cholo: 2 weeks ago. I made a mistake. I attack a great dude, Johnny Nitro because i thought that he was the masked man. But he wasn't he proved that a week ago when Shawn and the masked man attack. And when they did he was there to have my back. Even though i brulized him in the parking lot. So i am out here to say i am sorry. So comes out here Nitro and shake hands.

(Nirto's music plays)

Kevin Peterson: WHAT is he doing 2 weeks ago El Cholo destroyed him and left him bloody in the parking lot.

Peter Stewart: But, this was because Shawn and the masked man framed Nitro by putting the steel chair in his car.

(Nitro enters the ring)

Nirto: I Accept your Apology and i wanted to say one thing. When you attack me 2 weeks ago, I was going to come back and do the same to you. But then i started to think you would have done that if it wasn't for the Masked Man and Shawn that is why i helped you against the 2 of them.

(Nirto and El Cholo shake hands)(Shawn's music hits, Shawn and the Masked Man come out holding steel chairs)

Kevin Peterson: Here is the man the people came for the Best of the best Shawn Malone and the Masked Man.

Peter Stewart: What does he want. Didn't get get desroyed enough.

Shawn Malone:Awww, Doesn't this send tears down your face.

El Cholo: Didn't you get beaten enough because if you want another one we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so BRING IT.

(Shawn and the Masked Man run down to the ring)

Peter Stewart: This is a repeat of what happened.

Kevin Peterson: But this time, Shawn and The Masked Man are going to leave Nirto and El Cholo a bloody mess.

(Before Shawn and the Masked Man enter the ring. El Cholo and Nitro take out a Kendo Stick and a Slegehammer out of nowhere)

(El Cholo hit Shawn in the gut with the hammer then got the chair put Shawn's head and did a fist drop but instead useing the hammer.
while this was going on Nitro and The Masked Man put down there weapon and started tearing eachother apart until The Masked Man went for a Samoan Drop. This stunned Nirto, rolling him out of the ring, there he sit up and checks under the ring and finds a LIGHT TUBE and then is hiding. Then The Mask Man hit El Cholo in his ribcage with the steel chair then The Mask Man went to the top rope and jump. That is when Nitro comes out with the Light Tube smashing it over the head of The Mask Man knocking him out.)

Peter Stewart: OOOO Is that your final answer because if it is, You are not going to be happy at the end.

Kevin Peterson: What is going. They came out with here with chairs and anger.

Peter Stewart: And they are leaving with broken bones.

( Nirto then got a table set it and turned around and got attacked with a steel chair, then Shawn is going for a Modified Two Handed Face Buster, but El Cholo hit the hammer on Shawn's leg cause him to let go of Nitro then El Cholo then El Cholo puts Shawn on the table and does Modified Inverted DDT and then Nitro goes to the top rope and does a Diving corkscrew somersault into senton bomb. And Then they leave.)

Peter Stewart: WOOOW That is going to hurt for a long time.

Kevin Peterson: Don't worry they will destroy El Cholo and Nitro.

Peter Stewart: Are you blind, Shawn and the Masked Man just got a whoppin of a life time.

Kevin Peterson: Shut up, I am getting something. Oh My. At Saturday's Hell On Earth will be El Cholo and Nitro vs The Masked Man and Shawn in a TAG TEAM MATCH. If The Team of Shawn and the Masked Man lose the masked man will take off his mask. If El Cholo and Johnny Nitro lose then Shawn and The Masked Man can choose their opponent. for the following wednesday.this is going to be great.
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