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Post  anthonywida123 on Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:25 pm

BJ stylez and sub zero run in and attack el cholo, Team blackout continue a devasting assualt on cholo

The lights go dim and two men run into the ring and attack blackout saving el cholo

Followed by one other men, he throws both eddie and el cholo out of ring and attack anthony

Blackout re-enter the ring and attack anthony

Far Cry runs into the ring followed by el cholo and eddie

Shawn Malone shows himselfs but look puzzled as far cry joins in

Anthony exits the ring for a couple of second then re-enters and shatters the back of BJ's skull with a crowbar

Sub Zero, Spickyo and Shawn all quickly leave the ring

Anthony: Don't look angry spickyo, soon BJ wil have nothing to do with you

Anthony, Eddie, El Cholo and Far Cry: WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOT cheers

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