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Post  El Cholo on Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:59 pm

The camera zooms in where we see Shawn waiting in the parking lot holding a crowbar in one hand and then all of a sudden we see El Cholo's car come in and El Cholo goes to park his car and goes to comfront Shawn while holding a sledgehammer in his hand they both stare at each other with hate between them and the Shawn starts talking

Kevin Peterson: What do you think he is going to say

Peter Stewart: If you can be quiet we will find out

Shawn: I can not believe that you are still walking after that attack that i gave you last week and after that match so intense i guess im going to have to attack you again bu this time im going to make sure that you stay down permanently and before this is all over ima make sure that you won't wrestle never in your remaining pathetic life

Kevin Peterson: Those were some strong words right there

El Cholo: You look confident for someone that needed help to take me down (Smiles) will you better be ready cause im not going to be the one that is going stay down permanent im going to make sure that its going to be you since you are all by yourself now and just like i did to your friend last week its going to happen to you and there is no way out cause now you have unleashed hell upon yourself

Peter Stewart: And those were some stronger ones from El Cholo Shawn better watch out

Shawn seeing that he pissed of El cholo stats to take some steps back and try to talk but chokes and El Cholo starts laughing at him and then trys to talk again

Shawn: Look El Cholo your the one that started all of this it wasn't my fault and they guy you attacked last week Johnny he wasn't The Mask Men you will never find out who he is and since you started all thismess im going to end it you hear boy

Kevin Peterson: It looks like that Shawn might be getting scared

El Cholo: That what you think Shawn you think your going to end this but your dead wrong im going to end this and by the time this is over your going to tell me who The Mask Men is or you see this sledgehammer if you dont tell me who he isyour going to pay and when i find out who ever he is he's going to get it worse than you so i suggest that you tell me right now and maybe i'll leave you alone or im going to bust you wide open and make you bleed till your onconsious so whats your answer

Peter Stewart: If i was Shawn i would tell El Cholo who it was before he gets hurt


Kevin Peterson: No wrong answer what have you done Shawn

Peter Stewart: Shawn is going to get it now he better leave

Shawn gets the crowbar and trys to hit El Cholo but he blocks it by using the sledgehammer and gets the crowbar away from him and throws it and uses the sledgehammer to hit Shawn but Shawn dodges the attack and punches El Cholo in the face making him let go off the sledgehammer and trys to get it but El Cholo grabs Shawn and throws him against a car and starts hitting him with is fist Shawn retaliates by hitting him with some of his fist and draggs El Cholo backstage

Kevin Peterson: It looks like they are going to take it backstage im liking this

Peter Stewart: Lets just hope noone gets hurt

Shawns trys to drag him to the ring but he gets up and finds a steelchair and trys to hit him with it but Shawn grans the steelchair and throws it and grabs El Cholo and throws him against the wall Shawn pick up El Cholo and trys to go for the Samoan Drop but El Cholo gets of and starts punching him in the gut and does a DDT and while he is down El Cholo drags him into the ring

Kevin Peterson: Now to the ring this is going great

Peter Stewart: How are you in joying this is madness

Shawn stands up and with his strength picks him up and throws him inside the ring Shawn climbs into the ring but El Cholo hits him with a big punch and crosses his arms around his opponents face and knocks him down to the floor and holds his deadly move while all of a sudden The Mask Men comes running with a steelchair and slides to the ring with it and slams it against his back making him let go of his move and starts htting him continuosly with the steelchair Shawn gets up and grabs a table and throws it to the ring and The Mask Men puts El Cholo into the table and Shawn to climb the turnbuckle and is about to jump

Kevin Peterson: Do it Shawn end it now

Peter Stewart: Shut up Kevin this is a career ending move right here

All of a sudden a clip is aired on the Titan showing backstage a mysterious person running to the ring

Kevin Peterson: It can't be

Peter Stewar: It is it's Johhny Nirto

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